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miriam louisa

Yes. And isn't it amazing that the commerce of the world runs on the promotion of personal 'specialness'!

It's been the case here that Life took care of the burning up by physically placing me at remove from all the contexts in which I was known to 'shine'. :-)

Thanks for your tender -yet savage - wisdom Pema


What grace Miriam Louisa. What incredible grace.

I love you. Pema

Judy Bruna Allred

FUNNY! ~ just today in quiet was the noticing of how the yearning for specialness surfaces, in wandering musings & phantisies, moments of NOT Being Here! Even in pretending to be nobody! Thank YOU for the clarity & the reminder that Life takes care of the letting go


Yes Judy, Life so does take care of everything. All that's needed is our willingness.

Thank you.

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