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kay moates

. . . and freedom is retroactive . . . I can hear my ancestors celebrating!




But isn't it easy to say do something? Isn't it even harder to impart how to do something, .....and then the doing it.. what incubates this readying? What can a person sincerely do?
So many times it is just plain suffering that brings us home, where we no longer have anything to say about it?
But does it always have to be this way?


Yes, it is very easy to say do something and the reality is we are moved as we are in every moment.

Suffering wears down the ego to an enormous degree and when enough work and burning has been done we come to see that there is truly no need to suffer. But that seems to reveal itself after the shell of the ego has been thinned a lot.

That is my experience. I am glad to hear from you.

Alexa Simone

Love this Pema <3

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