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Dearest Mags...Cannot even begin to tell you what a hopeful Message this is...thank You _(♥)_

Pema Mags

Hopeful and inevitable. Love consuming the false.

Dearest Leslie.


"At a certain point we are graced to settle down and actually be present with what is here. Meeting sensation with thoughtless receptivity." -- _(♥)_

Pema Mags



Being patient with ego's resistances and body's struggling to find harmony... Finding the intimacy of deep Silence helpful - until sweet communion is fully realized... Hopefully soon :)

Pema Mags

Dearest Christine...... eternal patience, yes.


"Meeting sensation with thoughtless receptivity."
"You may even find yourself seeking their forgiveness for having cast them out for so very long, in lifetimes of unawareness and running."

Hello "beloveds, long-lost ones"!

Thank you, Mags . . . your angles always shine.

Pema Mags

Hello dear Kay. Much love.

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