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Dearest Mags ~ One more "hitting the nail on the head" for me. How easily it is to hide behind "spiritual concepts" and not *feel*... Beautifully said as always. Once I was told: " do not aspire to be loving, aspire to be real." - authentic. So true..

Thank you again and again :) Christine


To be real, to be authentic, to be yourself.

Thank you dear Christine, again and again for being here.

Rizal Affif

This is exactly what I would like to say to those who are, too frequently, preach that "nothing is real" etc. I would like to hit them hard on the face and see if they can calmly said "the pain is unreal" instead of screaming.


Dear Rizal....yes, pain energy needs so much inclusion before it can be dismissed.

Much love....thank you....Mags

Rosa Michelle

Most beautiful!

I wish I could trade in this body, but apparently not a choice. It sure has a lot stored in it, esp., to be so small!

Fatigue feels evil. Like a demon taking my life away.

I love reading your words though, esp., when my mind is open and I can hear what you say.

Thank you so much.


Fatigue is so challenging....such an amazing teacher. This is my path too Rosa Michelle.

Heart to heart.........Pema

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