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Mags, this is sooo beautiful, and so timely for me. Although it is not my husband who needs caretaking, there are other family members who need my attention more and more. I have found myself in the same place as you describe - not accepting that the rest of 'my' life will be about taking care of family, wanting my life back, frustration, exhaustion, anger, resentment, etc. Just wanting to walk away. Oh dear... Sounds rather narcissistic doesn't it!

Am learning to ..."be in service to the Heart, whatever it looks like." One day at a time...

Much love and gratitude! Christine


Not at all narcissistic to me.....totally human. It will unfold just perfectly......as you know only too well.

Much love as always Christine and thank you dearest,



Dearest Mags..."finally out of utter exhaustion I gave in, accepted that if this was what my life was about....OK. There was such peace afterwards." -- Yes. Thank You. ((♥))


Dearest Leslie.....✿ܓ

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