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Lovely as always...

Haven't reached the "grateful" point quite yet, although am beginning to see that even illness is part of the "surrendering" - part of exhausting the personal will, the idea of being in control of one's body even. Your Polar bear made me laugh this morning, as I was flattened like that earlier this week. :)

Much love, Christine


Dear Christine, I saw you have been through a real fire. The body stuff is the hardest. I honor you.

Thank you love.


This writing that flows through you inevitably speaks as well from my own experience ~ only you give it voice!

So much gratitude for this perspective.

And Christine, i can relate to your comments as well.

May we remember that this is not "my life" ~ this is Life, living It Self as "us".

Blessings, ever-grateful in this Love,


Melting simultaneously Shira:) Gratitude and much love.


Dearest Mags...What a sweet Bear pose. Utter exhaustion...deep relaxing...hugging the Feet of the Rock...no where to go...nothing to 'do'...Your words are such deep encouragement to exactly that pose. xoxo


Dearest Leslie.....


Oh what a treasure to discover you and your words on my journey Home!

Thank you and Peace.


Thank you dearest. Peace and Ease.

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