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Holding the grip of the pain of separation in Presence. Yes! Beautiful. And your post is so timely for me in this regard. I hadn't even thought about it as the pain of separation, but that is so true - the sadness, grief, frustration, etc., is all found in this pain of separation.

I love the image of the "storyless meeting" with the "separation energy" - just being with it, feeling it. It collapses everything that is ego-driven. Thank you!

Lovebeams of gratitude for bringing this awareness! Christine


Christine, lovebeams of gratitude to you too, my dear one.

Doris McFate

My gosh, I'm so fortunate to have found these words as there is much pain in the body. I've known this process, but your words, Dear Pema, bring courage and warmth, that finally after a lifetime of resistance, I actually believe I CAN meet these energies directly. I FEEL a strength, a conviction arising in my Soul. As I feel this, my Heart cries out... May ALL beings be SO blessed...(tears)

Pema Mags

Dear, dear Doris, I am so glad you feel this strength and commitment.

And how the heart naturally opens .......wanting goodness for all. It is very beautiful.

With a full heart.

Ursula Tokateloff

reading your words at 4.35 a.m. consoles my heart


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