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miriam louisa

Oh Mags!

"A Love complete unto Itself" : dust-free at last.

Thank you for this poetic flow of wideawake wisdom.

Bowing to your Beingness...

~ miriam louisa


"Dust-free at last"......what a bright spark you are.

No more smoke and mirrors or dust. Love you darling. Thank you.


Fierce Grace You Are. Wow. <3


Very provocative post! Fierce Presence indeed - singing Its song of Life and Love...

I have felt the Breeze smile :)

Life Loving all of Itself always ~ C


~ clarity shimmering ~

breathing in this fresh air of your poetry ~
thank you beloved friend ~ shira


Bowing to You Dearest Mags...You who sing to the innermost core of this Being ...the Poetress singing the Song that nothing...noOne has ever, could ever, have ever been left out. You are a graceful Heart of hearts...singing the song of our unfoldment...right here and now. ♥


Thank you my dear, dear ones. Bowing....resting in your hearts.

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