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Yes yes yes....enough band aids! Listening, fully, to all that comes, like beggars at the door, once tasted the Light of the Heart welcomes, bids all the aspects of the story, come, come, come........bless you Mags for your beautiful formulations.


Sunny, thank you dear. We are on that same page in the Heart. Love you.


Mags - your writing carries the strength and power of total authenticity. It is also simply beautiful. Each post is a gem.

"Simply allowing this pain to emerge is all that is needed." How true this is - yet we are deeply conditioned to believe it must be analyzed out of existence. The pain is exquisite energy waiting to be released.

This "core story" - brilliant term - of unlovability is such a block to Clarity. It sabotages all one's energy. I love that you are working with these issues, and that you've seen through the illusion of the separate self so thoroughly.

Love, always
~ miriam louisa


Miriam Louisa, so lovely to see you here and thank you for your generous comments.

I am struck by your use of the term 'pain is exquisite energy'. Yes, at moments I have felt how pain or sensation has its own exquisite note and can even be savored in the stillness. Amazing really.

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