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Delightful isn't it - this "seeing." :) This entire life experience, in a sense, is the "rabbit hole" of Existence - as in Alice in Wonderland - the playland of Existence... Just makes you want to grin like the Cheshire cat :)


Meeting you in that grin dear Christine.

Diana Köster-Kandé

Dear Mags, I didn`t had this full experience but when I stayed in Africa only with the people there I experienced that they don`t have this ego-concept, we have. When somebody is ill or sad they all come to rescue this person because they FEEL all themselves as ONE as ONE BODY. This changement of paradigm was chocking and my heart knew: this is my true home. My essence could bloom much easier. My body felt natural and natural grace and relaxation came. I know the people there suffer a lot but they still have this feeling of ONE. We can learn from them! Love Diana


Dear Diana, how beautiful for you to have that experience and knowing. I'm glad to hear about this.

And now we come to the knowing that we are natural grace...no matter where we are.

Love you.....Mags


Dear Mags,
What a beautiful article. I had a similar experience at the end of a Silent Retreat with Gangaji. There was NOTHING and the people around me turned to dust. But now, I totally believe that this is real, that people are here and we do exist...so strange how this can be here and also not here!

Diana- I loved your post about Africa, I agree with you we can learn from them-more than we know.

Much love,

Thea Hartman

Thank you, Mags. I enjoy your posts and have shared them with friends. You are so clear! Love, Thea


Dear Jenne and Thea....thank you. Much love, Mags

Linda Shravaka Lorywood


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