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I have experienced this recently as well, although it is something I have "known" for a while now. It seems to be one of the 'traps' of the 'non-dual community' - to get caught up in the language, the words... And as you say, only Love can penetrate those walls.

The other day there was such a deep, cleansing release of all that had been accumulated behind those walls as Grace moved Its way through - cleaning out the cobwebs...

Humbly - Christine


'As Grace moved Its way through'....how blessed we are to be able to describe the challenging moments in this way.

Dear Christine....thank you.

Diana Köster-Kandé

It is very seductive to flee from what IS into spiritual "worlds". So many spiritual books promise healing, happyness and so on by opening up to spiritual truth. I tried to get healed (better to get away) by this. Even Christian spirituals say now: you have to meet your deepest pain and they call THIS "Spirituality from below", from where we ARE. My Master is my body now and I am immediately in contact with "something spiritual" with LOVE. Thank you so much to mention this!! Love Diana


Dear Diana, very lovely to see you here. We go back the way we came......I'm glad we're on the same page with this.

Much love, Mags

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