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Am so glad to hear that even after years of doing "awareness work" you were not able to just stand *as* Truth...

The only times I seem to be able to "stand as Truth" are after deep "meditation" - aka: sitting in deep stillness, where nothing disturbs. There I get a taste of standing as Truth... Otherwise it is as you say - the shaky ego continues to get triggered by life's circumstances...

Beautiful photo! Christine


It does seem to be an experience of this progressive path for many of us. At some point the believing in the falsehood of it all will be done.

Thanks for sharing Christine. Always lovely to hear from you.

Diana Köster-Kandé

I really didnt know that the ego is also involved in the suffering circle. I am very interested to get to know more about it, especially because I made the experience that my deepest triggert pain opens me up to the deeper truth of acceptance and homecoming. On the one hand I need to FEEL and on the other hand it is just a make believe of the ego?
I think the quality HOW I meet the pain and embrace it can be a way? Thank you so much to mention this !!! Love Diana


Diana, lovely to see you here. You are so right about the deepest pain opening us up to 'the deeper truth of acceptance and homecoming'. And yes, even at the same time, it is all illusion. But it seems for most of us that we must meet ourself, old pain and patterns, before we can truly stand free of it all. We cannot spiritually bypass the deeper work. This doesn't mean that we don't practice awareness and being present in the moment and all these aids to awakening out of the dream. These are vital also.

Much love to you.


Absolutely beautiful plumeria's , I would come home with sticky sapped up hands after sitting in trees making lei's , bark stuck all over my hands , it was so very fun.


I'm glad you like them Bobbie ♥

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