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I can see where this perspective would be helpful when we are in the midst of pain or suffering. These days, there is just so much gratitude for my life that this seems to be another view altogether. After hearing my expression of gratitude toward Life for all the good and enjoyable things that are present, someone at a recent satsang said she felt gratitude in her life right now, even though there is struggle and chaos. To me, that's the ideal!
Love, Carmen


Love this image of "the truth of ourselves taking up residence."
A smile comes...even knowing that the mind will never voluntarily leave the premises.

What a concise reflection of this ongoing dance between the mind and the heart, pleasure and pain, opening and closing. It is one thing to know that the words you and Tenzin Palmo write are true...like, that's what the great mystics have always known. I'll tuck that in my pocket where I keep the durable truths to pull out when I am worn thin and need reassurance. And another to really sit still long enough to have the ray of this light penetrate the suffering which seems so real, so defendable. Slowly the taste comes that the suffering is never defendable, but only a puppet show. And when, by grace, those moments arise of absolutely melting into it, there is something so sweet about just being danced by the hand of the Beloved. A single glimpse of seeing that it is only Love pulling the strings...and a tide of ahhhhh! Resting in That which changes everything you didn't try to change. Or sustains everything you didn't try to change.



Yes... calling all of our addictions preferences helps too. It's not the pain, but the thought that pain is suffering. Pain is pain. Suffering is pain coupled with the suffering label.


Hi Carmen. Thank you for your comment. It is beautiful that you experience gratitude for your life. I remember hearing Byron Katie say that 'gratitude is love lived'. And to come to feel gratitude in the midst of struggle, yes....even more heart-opening.
What I am pointing to in this post is that there is a light of happiness that is available to us, that is who we are, regardless of what the external circumstances of the dream are. Whatever way the Self works with us to draw us back from this external unreality and to really know what's what...that's our unique path. Sometimes it's through pain, for some it would seem to be not necessary at all.
I want to say enjoy the sweet flow of this gratitude. Personally, I don't think there is anything more beautiful than the feeling of a love-filled heart.


Hi Amrita,

"Slowly the taste comes that the suffering is never defendable, but only a puppet show."

Slowly, assuredly it comes. Thank you.


Hi Madhu,

It was a grand day for me when I came to be able to sit with pain in my solar plexus and not follow the thoughts and story about it and to see that sitting with the sensation in my body actually felt easier than believing all the tortured thoughts.

Yes, the suffering is the labeling and the story.

And in my experience it takes a mature mind to be able to drop the story and just sit.

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